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What if I get a ticket?

Sign it. A ticket has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. When you sign, you promise to appear in court. If you do not sign the ticket, the police officer can arrest you.

While it is okay to sign the ticket, you may want to talk with your lawyer before you pay a fine or plead guilty to the charges. Find out if you can attend traffic school instead. If you plead guilty, you may hurt your chances of collecting damages from the other driver later. Or, you may help the other driver to collect damages from you.

Drunk driving - Driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher (0.05% if you are under 18) is illegal, and penalties for drunk driving in California are severe. The chart on the next page, prepared by the California Highway Patrol, is a guide, but not a guarantee, of how many drinks it may take to raise your blood alcohol level to a percent that would be considered illegal when behind the wheel.

Seat belts - You and your passengers can be given tickets for not wearing seat belts.

updated: 10/30/06
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