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Auto Accident
Who pays if I am injured or my car is damaged?

Liability: If you are to blame for an accident, your liability insurance will pay for the other drivers property damage and their personal injuries up to your insurance policy limits. If you are not at fault, the other driver’s liability insurance will pay for your car damage and/or personal injuries.

In California, if you and the other driver both have car damage or injuries and you both are partly responsible for the accident, you each may be able to collect part of your loss. How much each of you collects from the other's policy, depends on the amount of your damages and on how much each of you is at fault. If you loan your car to someone who has an accident, your insurance company will pay for the damages as stated in your insurance policy provisions. 

Collision Coverage: No matter who is at fault, your collision insurance will pay for damages to your car, (not your medical expenses), minus the policy deductible.

You may have other insurance too. Your health insurance, for example, may pay your medical bills. Also, your automobile insurance may have medical payments coverage. If so, it will pay the cost of your medical treatment. This coverage can be used in place of your other health insurance or in addition to it, subject to your policy provisions.

updated: 10/30/06
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