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Workers' Compensation
What are temporary disability payments?

If your are unable to work for more than 3 calendar days, you will get paid part of your lost wages. This 3-day "waiting period" will be paid, however, if your unable to work for more that 14 calendar days or are hospitalized as an in-patient. The amount of TD is generally two-thirds of your average weekly wages up to statutory cap determined by law. You will receive these temporary disability payments every two weeks during the time you qualify for the benefit. This compensation stops when the treating doctor releases you for work or says that your injury has reached a point of maximum improvement.Back to Index

What are permanent disability payments?

Permanent disability is additional money that we will pay to compensate you for any permanent disability you may suffer from an illness or injury due to your job. The amount you will receive depends on the extent of your disability. Workers' compensation law provides guidelines to determine the amount of this compensation. Your age and job at the time of your injury or illness are also factors that are considered when calculating permanent disability.

updated: 02/20/07
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