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Workers' Compensation
Social Security Disability Benefits

You may apply for these benefits at any time after your injury so long as it appears that you will not be able to work at any type of job for at least twelve continuous months. However, there is a five-month waiting period from the time an individual first becomes disabled.

Under certain circumstances, however, if you intend to file a Worker’s Compensation claim, such case may be affected by the filing of Social Security/Medicare benefits, and certain circumstances may require you to obtain a Workers’ Compensation Set Aside Account Trust from the benefit you received from your Worker’s Compensation Case.  Therefore, it is imperative that you seek an Attorney before seeking Social Security Medicare benefits.

A review of our medical records is conducted. Your education, age and work experience are reviewed. If you are not satisfied with the decision reached on your request for benefits, you have the right to appeal.
It often takes as long time to obtain these benefits, but it is well worth the wait because the benefits can be substantial. If you need further information, you should contact your local Social Security office or consult with your attorney.

updated: 02/20/07
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