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Workers' Compensation
Legal Questions and Answers about Workers' Compensation in California.

1. What is workers' compensation?

2. What is a workers' compensation injury?

3. What should I do if I get injured on the job?

4. How much does it cost me?

5. Is workers' compensation the same as State Disability?

6. I was hurt at work. Can I still file for State Disability Insurance (SDI)?

7. What is the difference between workers' compensation and SDI?

8. How does this affect my own health insurance?

9. If I'm injured do I have to file a claim form?

10. I'm not sure if I should pursue this as a work-related disability. Who can I talk to?

11. What are my benefits?

12. What are temporary disability payments?

13. Where do I go for treatment?

14. What if I become dissatisfied with my treatment?

15. Can a workers' comp claim be filed if an injury occurred outside of work?

16. What if I have a recurrence and require further medical care?

17. What if I am unable to return to my job?

18. What if I have to change my line of work because of a workers' compensation Injury?

19. Can I lose my job because of a workers' compensation injury?

20. What about Death Benefits?

21. What other benefits am I entitled to other than Workers' Compensation?

22. Social Security Disability Benefits

23. What if I have not received the benefits I think I am entitled to?

24. Time limits

25. Do I need an attorney?

26. Are there Consultation Fees to have my case reviewed by an Attorney?

27. I settled my workers' compensation case, but I feel that my condition has deteriorated since the date of the settlement. Is there anything that I can do?

28. I have been employed at a company for three months and my supervisor is harassing me to the point where I can't sleep at night and my family life is being affected. Can I file a claim?

29. I was injured 9 months ago while employed by a company. I went to the company doctor immediately after the injury. The doctor kept me off work for three days, prescribed me medication and sent me back to work. I never received any benefits. I was terminated a few weeks ago & I feel that my condition has been getting worse. May I still pursue a claim against my former employer?

30. I suffered a work injury two months ago and I am treating with the company doctor. I do not feel that this doctor is helping at all. Can I change doctors at this time? How many times am I allowed to change treating physicians?

31. I was injured at work and would like to start a workers' compensation claim. However, I consulted an attorney and he advised me that my employer was illegally uninsured for workers' compensation purposes and that he would not be able to handle to represent me. Is there anything that I can do?

32. I am presently represented by an attorney, but I am dissatisfied with what she has done on my case. Am I allowed to change attorneys? If so, do I have to pay both attorneys once my case is settled?

33. I have been released by my primary treating physician, but I am still in a great deal of pain. May I go to another doctor for more treatment?

34. I was evaluated by an agreed medical examiner two months ago who found that I do not need to undergo surgery. However, I have since returned to my treating physician who has indicated that I definitely need surgery. Is it possible to have the agreed medical examiner review the recent opinion of my treating physician or am I just "out of luck"?

35. I have been handling my own workers' compensation case for about 1 1/2 years. The case is now at the settlement stage, but I feel that the insurance company is trying to short-change me. Is it too late to get an attorney to represent me?

36. My husband was injured at work about a year ago. He was receiving temporary disability benefits during that time. He was recently convicted of a criminal offense and incarcerated. The insurance company has cut-off his benefits, stating that he is not entitled to any benefits while incarcerated. Are they correct?

updated: 02/20/07
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